South African Health Products Industry


  • A marketing code steering committee initiated the foundations to a unique Code and the beginnings of the Marketing Code Authority (MCA). The committee was comprised of volunteer members from the trade associations, with the skill and expertise to build the framework for this initiative.
  • In 2009 South African Medical and Device Association (SAMED) and Southern African Laboratory Diagnostic Association (SALDA) signed up to the MCA. This makes the Code unique globally as our members originate from diverse health product sectors comprising:
    • Pharmaceutical sectors: Innovator, Generic, and Self Medication
    • Medical devices
    • In-vitro diagnostics devices
    • Veterinary medicines
  • An interim board was formed in 2010, a draft Code of Practice was agreed by all members and a Memorandum of Understanding was subsequently signed by all the trade associations representing the health product sectors stated above.
  • 2012 saw the birth of the MCA as the Constitution was signed by the trade associations, on behalf of the MCA members whom they represent.
  • The first Board was elected after the inaugural AGM in September 2012 and following that milestone, an Executive Officer was appointed in January 2013 to mobilise the strategic objectives of the MCA.
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