South African Health Products Industry
  • The Marketing Code Authority (MCA) is a self-regulatory body that governs the advertising and promotion of health products by our member companies in RSA.
  • The MCA is unique globally, as it has been formed and agreed to by members from the innovative, generic and self-medication sectors of the pharmaceutical industry as well as the medical devices, in-vitro diagnostics and veterinary medicines.
  • The MCA is a voluntary organisation built on a constitution that was signed in 2012. It is deemed a juristic body and is a Not for Profit company according to South African tax legislation.
  • The Board is vested with the power to manage and conduct all affairs of the MCA in order to achieve its objectives.
  • All members agree to abide by the Code of Marketing Practice in the RSA (‘The Code’). The Code ensures that the health industry advertises and promotes their products according to the high ethical standards of the Code and aligned with international best practice. This indicates the commitment of the local industry to fair and ethical business practices in dealings with patients,healthcare practitioners and other stakeholders in this sector.
  • The MCA encourages all persons in the health product industry and other stakeholders who are linked to this industry, to understand and apply the Code in their day-to-day business. An individual can complete the on-line assessment and certification to demonstrate their understanding of the Code, the Guidelinesand the relevant legislation
  • The MCA is the body through which enforcement of the Code takes place, in line with the principles embodied in the Constitution. The MCA has eminent panelists for the adjudication, appeals and legal panels to deliberate on potential breaches of the Code.
  • The MCA is allied with international authorities and ensures that the principles of the Code remain current with the global evolution in transparency and compliance.
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