South African Health Products Industry

Who must be certified?

  • Member companies must ensure that all relevant personnel are certified in the sector where they work.
  • Individuals i.e. not from a healthcare company are encouraged to achieve a certificate from the MCA. An aspiring Sales’ Representative may cite the MCA certification on their CV. Individuals click here to certify
  • Thus, healthcare practitioners (HCPs), events’ organisers, training companies, advertising companies, wholesalers and distributers who work and / do business with the health products companies are given the opportunity to register, pay on-line and do the assessment.

How do I certify?

  • Compliance officers of member companies will manage the certification process for company personnel. Contact your compliance officer or click here to retrieve your password. 
  • Non-member persons will register on the website and request an invoice from Click here to register.
  • Good luck with completing the assessment!

Why should you certify?

  • Certificate holders show competence in the sector where they work and hence compliance with the letter and spirit of the Code, Guidelines and the relevant legislation.
  • In the event of a complaint, the parties concerned will be asked for a valid certificate for the persons involved in the activity / campaign. Should the persons not hold a valid MCA certificate, this information may be availed to the hearing committee for their consideration and on their specific request.
  • HCPs will obtain 3 Medical Law points.

When is the deadline for certification for member companies?

  • New personnel should be encouraged to certify as part of the company on-boarding/induction programme.

What payment is required?

  • The cost is R252 (including VAT) per assessment. Based on member feedback, the MCA has decided to discard the fee increase for 2017. 
  • Member company compliance officers and individuals of non-member companies are to request an invoice from and make payment by EFT.
  • Once payment is received:
  • Member companies: Assessment units will be allocated to the relevant member company. The compliance officer may then proceed to allocate the assessments to employees.
  • Individuals of non-member companies: Once payment is received, the MCA will approve your profile (self-registered online under the “Non-Member Certification” tab) and send you your login details via the system. You may then procced to complete the assessment. 

What study material should I review?

  • The Code.
  • The Guidelines.
  • The relevant legislation pertaining to the advertising and promotion of health products.

Test - Information on the assessment?

  • The assessment comprises 20 questions that are randomized and should take you approximately 40 minutes to complete. You have a maximum of 60 minutes to complete the assessment. 
  • The assessment is specific for the sector in which you work i.e. pharmaceuticals or medical devices, so you must check with your Company Compliance Officer, that you do the correct test/s.
  • The assessment must be taken in one sitting and is a closed book test.
  • You are allowed 3 attempts to pass the test, after which you will be locked out of the system and will only be able to do the test after 2 working days. You are encouraged to review the Code and relevant documents prior to retaking the test.

What is the pass mark and how will I know if I have passed?

  • 80% and you will be advised immediately of your score on completion of the test.
  • A certificate will be generated for you to print and you may need to keep this on record with the Company Compliance Officer.
  • The certificate is specific for the sector in which you completed the assessment successfully.

How long is the certificate valid?
  • 2 years, provided there are no significant changes to the Code, Guidelines or relevant legislation.

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