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SPONSORED: Teach your young children the value of good nutrition and a balanced diet while they’re still young and it could keep them healthy for life.
Although testicular cancer is not classified as a common form of cancer, it can affect men at any stage of their lives. David Scott shares his story.
Biologic medicines can certainly save lives – but the cost is extremely high. Why is this the case?
Setting too many goals or too many unrealistic ones can sabotage you right from the start.
Childhood cancer survivors who had chemotherapy may end up with certain types of thinking and memory problems in adulthood.
There is strong evidence that depressed patients are at greater risk for misuse and overdose of opioids.
The vast majority of ALS patients say they have no family history of the disease.
There are concerns that the beverage industry could be using the sugar tax as a 'smokescreen' to justify already-planned job cuts.
IN PARTNERSHIP WITH SKIN RENEWAL. In order to deal with your pigmentation problems, it helps to understand the cause(s).
In 'Tim Noakes: The Quiet Maverick', author Daryl Ilbury describes his growing discomfort with Tim Noakes’ seemingly irrational language.
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