South African Health Products Industry
It's common to feel groggy after surgery. But a new study may have found a way to counteract the effects of anaesthesia.
According to new research, drugs such as Nexium or Prilosec, used to treat chronic heartburn, are not linked to dementia.
According to a new study, parental sexual orientation and family type did not affect children's gender conformity or nonconformity in any significant way.
South Africa is one of the world’s largest users of female condoms.
Illnesses like cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure need stronger prevention and community-based programmes.
The fight against drug-resistant TB (DR-TB) has implications for HIV/Aids as up to 60% of TB patients are co-infected with HIV.
It's time for our weekly Health Challenge. How much do you know?
Donating your organs for transplantation after you die is a selfless act. Doctors and surgeons have been hard at work over the last two centuries learning how to transplant organs successfully.
It is important to take precautions as the Zika virus can be sexually transmitted. But exactly how long does the Zika virus remain in sperm?
Avoiding gum disease, also known as gingivitis, is a big reason to brush and floss your teeth every day.
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