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If you were confused about some of these, we don’t blame you. Here are the biggest myths about eating fat you’ve probably heard – and the actual truth.
Treatment with a new and revolutionary drug has resulted in a huge drop in death rates in South African TB patients.
In a study, a group of women on epidural and a group on placebo had no different outcomes.
A new study suggests that young children with type 1 diabetes also need to be screened for coeliac disease, as these two go hand in hand.
There's now a call for the TB vaccine to be made standard at birth.
PatchSA helps both patients and families cope in the case of a child suffering from a terminal disease.
Unfortunately losing weight won’t automatically get rid of cellulite.
South Africans are no strangers to trauma and have for example one of the highest motor vehicle accident rates in the world. On World Trauma Day we take a closer look.
A chronic cough can be the bane of your life. Here are seven cough remedies you shouldn't waste your time with.
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